April Latin Gossip Archives

Yurem In Drag

Remember Yurem? From La Nueva Banda Timbiriche? Yeah, we almost forgot too. Anyway, he participated in a skit on Mexican television in which he dressed up as a girl celebrating her quinces! He looks good in pink!

Carolina Herrera Poses With Milk Mustache

Fashion icon Carolina Herrera and her daughter, Carolina Jr., show their milk mustaches as the latest models for the famous ads. They make milk look like couture.

Mr. Panama Loses Title Over Pornographic Photos

TVChismes reports on a scandal in Panama!! Ryan Oliver was named Mr. Panama on Saturday and he has already been stripped of the title! Why? Because Ryan posed as ‘Andy’ completely naked for a website geared toward gay men. Full disclosure, Ryan did not do anything gay per say, but did put on a ‘solo’ […]

Don Omar’s IDON Album Cover

Don Omar‘s album artwork for his latest album IDON. Thoughts?

Emmanuel Does Not Have Swine Flu

Emmanuel had to cancel a concert in Cuernavaca, Morelos and the rumors started spreading (like the swine flu) that he had swine flu! He denied having the much-talked about desease and said that he simply lost his voice. We’re glad to hear that he doesn’t have the oink flu. The whole world is in a […]