March Latin Gossip Archives

Sherlyn’s Brother Had Cancer

Remember how we told you that Sherlyn‘s brother committed suicide? Well, the actress revealed on Hoy that he took his own life because he was diagnosed with a terminal cancer. Her brother did not want to burden his family and didn’t want anyone to see him go through the disease. How sad.

Kalimba Skipping Out on Child Support

Kalimba is not being such a good dad right now. His baby momma is taking him to court because she claims he is missing four months worth of child support. Not cool, Kali! Not cool at all! Time to pay up!

Death Threats Drive Film Crew Out of Mexico

Eva Mendes was due to film the movie Queen of the South in Sinaloa, Mexico, but they crew has just abandoned the location. Why? They have been receiving death threats and authorities believe that they are coming directly from the drug cartels. You see, the film is about the murder of a cocaine smuggler and […]

Jennifer Lopez Sighting in Japan

Jennifer Lopez and her bangs traveled to Japan to promote high-end designer handbags. She’ll do anything if the price is right. We wonder how much did she got paid for that!

Paulina Rubio Debuts Causa & Efecto

Click above to view video. CLICK HERE for your first listen of Paulina Rubio‘s new single, Causa & Efecto. What are your thoughts? Yay or Nay?