January Latin Gossip Archives

Alejandro Chaban Blackmailed For Pictures

Remember we told you that Alejandro Chaban‘s computer was stolen at the airport? Well…the novela actor tells People en Español that someone is blackmailing him for the photos. They want 50 thousand dollars in exchange for the pics. That’s a lot of money! We’re thinking these pics are not of him hanging out with friends. […]

Dayanara Torres Says Marc Anthony is Her BFF

Dayanara Torres has shocked the world with recent revelations of her current relationship with ex husband Marc Anthony. She said: “We are better friends now than when we were married.” Woah! Woah! Woah! It’s nice to hear that they are both being very mature, especially for their kids, but what do you suppose Jennifer Lopez […]

Maribel Guardia Still Hotter Than Most

Surgeries or not, Maribel Guardia still sizzles. The new Aventurera’s body is still in top form despite her age of…well, let’s just say she is no longer 20. This photo was just taken as she celebrated the fact that she is taking over the lead role of Mexico’s famous play. Whatever you’re doing Maribel…keep on […]

Geraldine Bazan Donating Baby Shower Gifts

Gabriel Soto‘s pregnant woman, Geraldine Bazan, has declared that she is donating all of the gifts she receives from the baby shower her friends are throwing her this weekend. Helping others always earns major points with us. PLUS, Geraldine knows that this is one way of getting her name mentioned.

Quotes : Christopher Uckermann

“It’s true that you get to miss your friends and the fans, but right now I am enjoying the calm and the adrenaline of preparing my next album as a solo artist.” – Christopher Uckermann says that he misses RBD but is ready to forget all about it with his new solo career. We’re actually […]