October Latin Gossip Archives

Happy Halloweeeeeeen!

Have only a few hours until the big Halloween bash and still have no idea what you’re going to dress up as? LatinGossip.com to the rescue. Here are some quick and easy costume ideas for tonight. Jenni Rivera – 1. Grab a tight dress that shows a LOT of cleavage. 2. microphone, to sing into […]

Regis Philbin Backhands Dominicans

Click above to view video. Oh, hell no! Kelly Ripa shared a cute story on TV about one of her kids learning about politics in school, and how she said that elephants represented the republicans and donkeys represented…the Dominicans. Innocent and funny mistake for a child. No harm done…BUT then Regis said ‘She’s pretty close’. […]

Spain’s Queen Sofia Clears Up Gay Snafu

Spain’s Queen Sofia was placed in hot water and she wants to get out of it. The gay community in Spain and around the world was shocked about some comments she supposedly made in a new book recently published. She is quoted as saying: “I can understand, expect and respect that there are people with […]

Maria Conchita Alonso For John McCain

Maria Conchita Alonso has sent us a message about her political views and her support of John McCain. It’s a long read, but it’s always good to hear others out…even if you don’t necessarily agree. CLICK HERE to read.

Eva Mendes Hangs Upside Down To Look Younger

The National Enquirer reports that Eva Mendes hangs upside to look younger. A source told the publication: “Whether it is a photo session or a hot date, Eva swears by hanging her head down on a slant board for about 20 minutes. Allowing blood flow to your upper body and face will bring on a […]