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Luis Miguel Triggered Ulysses Alonso’s Aggression?

This is probably too good to be true, but we HAD to share with you anyway. There’s a rumor that is spreading about Myrka Dellanos, Ulysses Alonso, and….Luis Miguel. Myrka is supposedly getting ready for some type of return to television (finally) and it’s going to make big news because the chisme is that she […]

Shakira To Release Song Favoring Arabs and Muslims

According to Al Arabiya News, Shakira is planning on releasing a song in favor of Arabs and Muslims to break down stereotypes about the cultures. The song will be half English/half Arabic. This brings back memories of Ojos Asi…one of Shaki’s biggest songs to date. Sounds interesting…we’ll see. Just for fun, CLICK HERE to watch […]

Rosario Dawson at Voto Latino’s DNC Party

Rosario Dawson, the ringleader of Voto Latino, gathered several of her famous friends to attend her party at the DNC in Denver. She was showing off that Voto Latino sign with her hand. See the ‘V’ and the ‘L’? CLICK HERE to see a couple more pics of her party.

Jennifer Lopez at Voto Latino’s DNC Party

Jennifer Lopez stopped by the Voto Latino’s DNC Party in Denver and posed with her signature facial expression. Still, mommy is looking fine.

Sofia Vergara at Voto Latino’s DNC Party

A slew of Latinos such as Rosario Dawson, Jennifer Lopez, Sofia Vergara, Fat Joe, and Wilmer Valderrama attended the Voto Latino’s DNC Party in Denver to support Barack Obama and the Latino vote in general.