July Latin Gossip Archives

What a Day!!!

You guys…we have been dealing with major major technical difficulties. Things should be back to normal though. We missed you today! We need our daily fix of LatinGossipers!

Someone Tell Angelica Vale That She’s Not Ugly

Several fans of La Fea Más Bella were treated to a weekend getaway to Miami Beach. (They’re still promoting that novela?) Fans and their guests attended a red carpet, Hollywood-style party in South Beach, where they met and dined with telenovela legend Angelica Maria and her daughter Angelica Vale. Why does Angelica Jr. insist on […]

Leonor on Vacation

We got our first glimpse of the Prince and Princess of Asturias vacationing…but now we have a lovely pic of little Leonor enjoying some fresh air in Palma de Mallorca! How FREAKING ADORABLE is she?

Olga Tañon Performs To Sea of People in Ecuador

We have to take a quick moment to congratulate Olga Tañon. While many artists have a hard time filling venues for two thousand people, Ms. Tañon just performed in Ecuador to over 80,000 fans! WOWOWOW!

Sabine Moussier Is The New Aventurera

After months of wondering…we finally have an answer! Sabine Moussier is the new Aventurera! Do you think Carmencita made the right choice?