June Latin Gossip Archives

Marc Anthony Is All Bones

A few days ago, Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony were captured vacationing with minimal clothing on. While everyone focused on Jennifer’s post-pregnancy body, we’d much rather discuss Marc’s physique. Yikes! Someone please hand him something to eat. Is that an 18 inch waist? He looks scarily flaco. PS – We feel fat.

Daisy Fuentes at Hellboy II Premiere

Daisy Fuentes proved that she still has it at the premiere of Hellboy II in this violet fun summer dress. Mami is looking gooood!

Jennifer Lopez To Testify in Court

Not only is she being sued by a flight attendant who claims that her dog bit her, causing her to fall, and injure her back, but… Jennifer Lopez is going to have to testify in court in a case against Puff Diddy Daddy D Diddly in the infamous December of ’99 shooting in New York […]

Antonio de la Rua and Other Woman on Cover of Jet-set

EVERYONE is talking about the pictures that supposedly prove that Antonio De La Rua cheated on Shakira in New York with some chick named Melina Betancour. Colombian magazine Jet-set has the pics and will publish them in their new issue on Wednesday. They claim that they are compromising images that will make everyone doubt Antonio’s […]

Alejandro Fernandez and Beto Cuevas as Actors?

Don’t be surprised to see Beto Cuevas or Alejandro Fernandez on the silver screen sometime soon…both of these singers are being offered roles in different movies and both are contemplating it. If novela actors can magically become singers, then why can’t these singers do movies?