May Latin Gossip Archives

Ninel Conde Wants a Baby

Ninel Conde announced that she wants to have another baby…which surprises us that she would put her body’s shape at risk. She’s invested a lot into it…we hope she doesn’t lose her money’s worth.

Did Christopher Uckermann Get Some Chick Pregnant?

Love it love it love it! The latest RBD drama chisme is that Christopher Uckermann got some Chilean girl pregnant! Even better, she is supposedly married to some famous soccer player! Of course, there’s denials all around, but it’s still too juicy not too share with you all.

Spain’s King Trips and Falls

Click above to view video. We want to be king because everything that you do is news. El Rey Don Juan Carlos of Spain tripped as he was walking down some steps after giving a speech on Thursday night…and fortunately his fall was interrupted by quick-thinking bodyguards who got up on their feet to protect […]

Veronica Castro Did Not Die in Car Accident

There is a rumor going around that Veronica Castro died in a car accident…it is NOT true. Vero is alive and well. First, they ‘kill’ her son, and now this…this family can’t catch a break!

Lucia Mendez Says Yes To Veronica Castro

Lucia Mendez has accepted Veronica Castro‘s invitation to come see her play! Lucia said: “Nothing, there has never been a problem, you guys have created it, but I love Vero.” Yeah right! Still, we can’t wait to see these two divas together. It’s going to be so awkward and uncomfortable!