March Latin Gossip Archives

We’ll Never Stop Missing Selena

Today marks thirteen years since Selena was taken from us. Her music and legacy live on…but we have to say we often wonder how much she would have achieved and how far she would have taken our Latin name… Leave your love for Selena in the comments…

Quotes : Los Tigres Del Norte

“We know you are a great friend and a great professional. We don’t have anything against Pablo Montero.” – Los Tigres Del Norte take back the insulting comment they made against Pablo Montero live on the radio.

Ricky Martin in Cambodia To End Human Trafficking

Ricky Martin has visited Cambodia to help put an end to human trafficking. Ricky could have worked on this project from the comfort of his home, but as the director of the Ricky Martin Foundation said, “He wanted to get a firsthand look for himself”. He also met with young women who were sold by […]

Fernando Carrillo Not Taking Firing Sitting Down

Remember Fernando Carrillo? No? He is the ‘actor’ who got fired from Telemundo. Remember now? Well…he is supposedly trying to bring forth some type of lawsuit against the network for firing him. We’re sure Telemundo isn’t afraid of this threat…they’re probably laughing like we are.