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Ninel Conde Free For Now

A judge declared that Ninel Conde is safe from being jailed if she pays seven thousand dollars…BUT eventually, she’ll have to pay in full the taxes that she owes. So for now, if she pays, she is a free woman.

Olga Tañon on Al Rojo Vivo

Jorge Bernal flew to Puerto Rico to get an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at Olga Tañon rehearsing for her highly-anticipated Evolucion Tour, which kicks off today! Good luck Olga…you’re going to rock! Don’t miss the coverage today on Al Rojo Vivo at 4 pm on Telemundo.

Quotes : Ana Barbara

“I am definitely not with baby. I would tell you…at this moment, no.” – Ana Barbara denies the rumor that she is pregnant.

Dayanara Torres Will Help You Divorce With a Smile

Dayanara Torres is coming out with a book about divorce and how to overcome the mental stress and overall drama of it all. The book, titled Married to Me: How committing to Myself Led To Triumph After Divorce, unfortunately won’t have any details about her own divorce from Marc Anthony. Too bad! Ya know she […]

Ninel Conde Could Go To Jail

According to Reforma, Ninel Conde could end up locked up behind bars…not because she is potentially ‘married’ to a potentially married man, potentially…but because she didn’t pay her taxes. She didn’t want to talk about the issue before, and now she may only be able to share the story with her cell mates! Scary female […]