December Latin Gossip Archives

Celebrate Ricky Martin in Puerto Rico

The Fiestas de la Calle San Sebastián usually closes the holiday festivities in Puerto Rico…and this year they are dedicating the celebration in honor of Ricky Martin. The parties are from January 17-20 so book your flight to Puerto Rico now. PS – We LOVE that Puerto Rico ends their holiday parties in MID-JANUARY!!!

Alejandro Sanz VS The Press

Alejandro Sanz was named the worst celebrity when it comes to the press…NOT GOOD! QUE FEO!

Itati Cantoral as Fidel Castro’s Daughter

Seems that Itati Cantoral‘s next role will be in a movie playing Fidel Castro‘s daughter! Interesting!

Gloria Trevi Responds To Cartel Connection Claims

Ms. Trevi is not happy! Gloria Trevi is not about to stay quiet after allegations that she has connections to the Cartel in Cali have surfaced. Read her manager’s response to these claims, after the jump…

Giovanna’s Predictions for 2008

The famous astrologist out of Mexico, Giovanna, predicts that one famous composer will die and two singers will commit suicide in 2008. Do you believe her? We’re not so sure…