October Latin Gossip Archives

Roberto Confirms Jennifer is Pregnant

“It is so complicated because every week she is getting bigger…Well Jennifer Lopez, at this moment, she requests something very special because she is waiting for the baby. “ Designer Roberto Cavalli, who designs many of Jennifer Lopez‘s outfits, confirms to People magazine that she is pregnant.

Christian’s Wife Says She Wasn’t Hit

“I am here as a mother of three to clarify that all of these headlines are false, Christian has never hit me, I never said that” Marisol Aguirre, Christian Meier‘s wife, denies that she ever said she was physically abused by her husband. At least we know he didn’t hit her, but she doesn’t deny […]

Anahi on Glamour

Anahi of RBD shows up on the cover of Glamour and we have to admit…she is looking pretty good. See? We can be nice to Anahi too…but it probably won’t last long.

Ludwika on Elle

During our trip in Mexico City, we stopped by a bookstore and saw this great cover of Elle magazine with none other than Ludwika Paleta sporting the black hair – so we snapped a picture to share with all of you. We actually like it! Do you?

Rehab For Manny

Puerto Rican singer Manny Manuel (remember him?) is headed for rehab! The singer pleaded guilty for crashing into a car carrying a woman and two children, while he was intoxicated! Don’t people ever learn??? Drinking and driving DO NOT mix! It’s plain and simple! IDIOTS!