September Latin Gossip Archives

Adamari, Angelica, and Candela on Inspiration

Our friend Carlos Anaya is at it again, this time featuring Adamari Lopez, Angelica Vale, and Candela Ferro, three of Siempre Mujer‘s Siempre Inspiran honorees.

Anaís is Marco Antonio’s Special Guest

Anaís really must have impressed Marco Antonio Solis at his Latin Grammy tribute…she is his special guest at his concert in Madison Square Garden!

Eva Pregnant?

Is Eva Mendes pregnant? She’s the latest famosa to be rumored to be preggers…just like Christina, Paulina, and Jennifer, we’ll have to wait and see…

Shalim The Cartoon

Wow! Wow! Wow! This is Shalim as a comic cartoon, part of the Heroes ensemble. It is truly an incredible feeling seeing yourself in cartoon format…trust us, we know the feeling. Check out the El Gossiper cartoon that was featured in Tu Vida magazine. Congratulations Shalim and welcome to the animated club!

Jennifer Brings The Bling and Butt Back in Arena

Jennifer Lopez makes an attempt to dispel pregnancy rumors by posing for Arena magazine. The magazine cover says ‘The bling, the butt – she’s back’, but, even though she’s not showing it here, it should say ‘The bling, the butt, the belly – she’s pregnant’. More pics of the Arena shoot after the jump.