August Latin Gossip Archives

Enrique’s Somebody’s Me

Enjoy Enrique Iglesias‘s new video for Somebody’s Me…not our favorite song, but the video is ultra sexy. Thoughts?

The Cruz Family Music Video

Eduardo Cruz gets some help from his sisters. Penelope and Monica Cruz will participate in Eduardo’s new video for Cosas Que Contar. At first he didn’t want anything to do with them in the professional sense because he wanted to make it on his own, but now he feels that people know him well enough […]

Cristian Continues Ripping on His Mom

Who’s had enough of Cristian Castro?? We have too, but we can’t ignore the madness that he is causing. He made it very clear that he blames his mother, Veronica Castro, for having been ‘a bastard’. Obviously, this is very upsetting because everyone knows that until recent years she was behind him all the way. […]

Ana and Alejandro…

Alejandro Fernandez and Ana de la Reguera caught together on a romantic date! KIDDING! Ana guest stars in Alejandro’s video for his new single No Se Me Hace Facil. They would make a hot couple though, but we do prefer her with news legend Jorge Ramos.

Concert For Peru

Our gente in Peru still need all the help they can get and we have not forgotten that. It’s great to laugh and make fun of our favorite celebs, but we also can’t forget to give back. A group of musicians are putting on a great concert in Miami on Saturday and proceeds will go […]