June Latin Gossip Archives

Eva Shops Away Her Nerves

Eva Longoria is getting married in a few days and she is spending her last week shopping? Kind of boring if you ask us. She was spotted at Cartier picking out rings and other jewelry. She’s getting a fat paycheck, so she is in spending mode! [Image: The Grosby Group. Unauthorized use of this image […]

La Fea Not Quite Bella?

Angelica Vale and Jaime Camil share a kiss on El Show De Cristina. We’re probably going to get killed for this, but…we don’t think that Angelica’s ‘transformation’ was anything grand. Obviously, she looks better than her ‘fea’ look, but we wouldn’t necessarily call her ‘bella’ either. She kind of looks like a drag queen (Angelica […]

The Studs of La Fea Mas Bella

We know that Sergio Mayer and Jaime Camil are good looking hunks who have a lot going for them, but our favorite in this picture is the man in the middle, the great Jose Jose. The three of them were on hand for El Show De Cristina as part of the cast of La Fea […]

Luis Manuel and Paty on Cristina

Luis Manuel Avila and Paty Navidad also made an appearance on El Show De Cristina. Paty chisme: Brace yourself people. Paty is coming out with another album. More music from Ms. Christmas very soon. Yawn.

Niurka Back On Cristina

Niurka Marcos is back on El Show De Cristina, but this time it’s to talk about La Fea Mas Bella. Thank goodness, she wasn’t there to sing! The last time was bad enough! Niurka chisme: Her boyfriend (of like 32 minutes) bought her a ring to make their relationship official. He could be Niurka’s fourth […]