June Latin Gossip Archives

Mariana May Pose Naked

Mariana Seoane says that she may pose naked in the future. She is the latest chica to be featured in H magazine – but says that with a great photographer and a classy magazine, she would totally pose nude. Someone get a great photographer and a classy magazine QUICK!

Bon Jovi Prefers To Dream in Mexico City

Mexicans should feel pretty good about this. Colombians and Venezuelans will probably feel like someone slapped them in the face. Bon Jovi will be performing in Caracas and Bogota in July, but he refuses to sleep in those cities for ‘safety reasons’. Instead, he has demanded that travel and sleeping arrangements be made in Mexico […]

Let’s Help The Homeless

Please let’s help the homeless, people. Oh wait, this is none other than ‘used to be a hunk’ Benicio Del Toro. Let’s hope and pray that this is for a movie role. Please let it be for a movie role. Please. Have we said, please let it be for a movie role? We’re going to […]

Penelope Freaks Out on Plane

Penelope Cruz freaked out on a flight from New Jersey to Barcelona. The Huffington Post reports that Penelope had what appeared to be a panic attack after the plane left the gate, so she spoke with the cockpit, and that is when the pilot decided to turn around so she could deplane. WHAT? What could […]

Moment of Gracias

Latin Gossip reader Karen recently went to a Paulina Rubio concert in Virginia and said it was the best one she has ever been to. She sent us the pics of the show and of herself (she is a hottie!) Thanks Karen! Speaking of thanks, please take a moment to visit our sponsors. AT&T U.S. […]