May Latin Gossip Archives

Pics of Paulina as Ambassador Against AIDS

We’ve already told you about this Paulina Rubio news, but here are the pics to prove it. Can’t you tell we are very proud? See the plaque that Paulina is holding after the jump.

Topless Photos of Dulce Maria are Fake

Dulce Maria of RBD is laughing off the picture that you see here. People all over the world are going crazy over this pic of a topless Dulce Maria, but she insists that it is a montage…and we totally believe her. You can tell this was photoshopped. Fake!

Dayanara and Daddy on Cristina

Daddy Yankee and Dayanara Torres revealed all during a special taping of Cristina in Puerto Rico that will air next week. People, help us…is that a poncho Cristina is wearing again? Please say no…

Enrique Will Perform For His Gay Fans

Latino Gays in London, listen up! Enrique Iglesias will perform at G-A-Y at The Astoria, this Saturday June 2nd. Even if you’re not Latino, or Gay, you should go and have a great time, take pictures, and send our way! Enrique does not discriminate – he’ll take money from anyone. He once was asked about […]

Cristian Holds His Ball

Cristian de la Fuente is Mr. Deporte lately. First golf, now volleyball…what other sport would you like to see Cristian playing? [Image: The Grosby Group. Unauthorized use of this image is strictly prohibited.]