April Latin Gossip Archives

Sofia…On Rodeo…With a Ring On

Sofia Vergara was spotted shopping on Rodeo Drive. The last time we saw a Latina on Rodeo Drive, it was a mess, so we’re glad that Sofia is making up for that by looking real cute… We couldn’t help but notice that she is wearing a very nice diamond ring on a particular finger which […]

We’re Still Celebrating Sofia’s Birth

We love the royals and are very happy for them and enjoy the fact that they cannot do anything normal. Prince Felipe made the official birth announcement with eight doctors. He is so tall he makes them look like a group of Oompa Loopma MDs. Look at how happy Queen Sofia is leaving the hospital. […]

Princess Letizia Gave Birth to Sofia

Spain’s Prince Felipe and Princess Letizia welcomed their new baby daughter Sofia to the world yesterday! La Infanta Leonor now has a sister to play with! Congratulations and welcome to this crazy world, Sofia!

When Two Uglies Unite

We told you Betty was meeting Lety and here we have the pic of the two feas together. This may sound geeky, but it’s so neat to see America Ferrara with Angelica Vale… PS – They really made the Mexican version a lot uglier…Betty doesn’t even have greasy hair, pimples, or an ugly smile. She […]

Jennifer Keeps Her Hair To Herself

Jennifer Lopez spent several hours in the Neil George Salon in Los Angeles getting it restyled, except we can’t tell what it is since she walked out with a hat on. Booh… [Images: The Grosby Group. Unauthorized use of these images is strictly prohibited.]