April Latin Gossip Archives

Paulina and Colate are NOW Husband and Wife!

It’s official! Paulina Rubio and Colate are married! About 200 women squeezed into the chapel while all of the men listened from the outside. About 700 guests attended the wedding with the famous faces belonging to Chantal Andere, Michelle Salas, Stephanie Salas, Christian Bach, Silvia Pinal, Silvia Pasquel, Raul De Molina, Angelica Maria, Coti, and […]

Paulina Throws a Mexican Party

Those who claim that Paulina Rubio has lost touch of her Mexican roots may be surprised to know that she had a private dinner party for friends and family two nights ago and the attire was ‘Mexican Style’. People showed up wearing sombreros, ponchos, and other Mexican inspired attire. Even Colate‘s relatives, all from Spain, […]

Two Years After Mariana’s Death…

Yesterday marked two years since Mariana Levy passed away, and tension between her mother, Talina Fernandez, and El Perro have not gone away… Talina claims that El Perro is more interested in the Mariana’s will and money then the well-being of his kids…and we believe it. He is fighting hard to make as much money […]

Paulina Hurt Before Wedding

We hear that Paulina Rubio hurt herself last night during one of her wedding festivities. Rumor has it that she fell while dancing on a table and received four stitches on her leg, but she is fine. She later returned to the party and acted as if nothing happened…that’s the spirit!

Paulina’s Wedding is Today!

Paulina Rubio and Colate are getting married TODAY! This is the chapel in Xcaret where they will walk in single and walk out married. Thousands of orchids and candles will be the used to decorate the venue and hundred of reporters, photographers, and fans are already there waiting for Pau. Paulina sold the wedding details […]