March Latin Gossip Archives

Chocolate City Open For Business

Ana Barbara and El Perro inaugurated their restaurant, Chocolate City, in Cancun. Honestly, the restaurant looks much nicer than we imagined it. We’re impressed! Ana probably did all the work anyway… Seriously speaking, El Pirru is an architect and if he had anything to do with the design of the restaurant then we applaud him. […]

Paulina’s Bachelorette Party

Paulina Rubio celebrated her bachelorette party in Monterrey with friends…and Colate! Since he was there she was on her best behavior…giving peace signs and embarrassing him by showing off the panties her friends gave her. We wonder if she’ll have a bachelorette party without her husband to be – now THOSE pictures we want to […]

Elsa on the Cover of Interviu

All of Spain is talking about the new Interviu magazine cover for three reasons. First, the cover features Elsa Pataky topless! Second, the pictures were apparently from an ELLE photoshoot so now there is a battle of magazines taking place. Third, the cover features Elsa Pataky topless! (we were going to add about three more […]

Luismi and Britney Have Something in Common

Who would have thought that Luis Miguel and Britney Spears would have so much in common? They are both huge international stars, they both whore out pictures of their children to magazines, and now it seems that they share the same bodyguard. Can YOU think of anything else do they have in common? [Images: The […]

Jennifer Takes Over NY

Jennifer Lopez took over New York and, like always, she was in full fashion swing. She showed off two types of pants – first, she sported her bellbottom pants (PS – bellbottoms are totally making a huge comeback AGAIN) and then she squeezed into her skinny pants and high high high heels. We’re not really […]