March Latin Gossip Archives

Money For Mexico

This made us real happy. In case you didn’t know, Mexico City will host the Miss Universe Pageant this year – and (this is what made our money hungry eyes light up) the city is set to make over $130 million from this event alone.

Why Is Enrique Down?

Enrique Iglesias was photographed when he landed at Los Angeles airport. He seems sad. We think it’s because Anna Kornonthecob wasn’t there with him…but, what else could it be? [Image: The Grosby Group. Unauthorized use of this image is strictly prohibited.]

Gracias, El Universal

El Universal, perhaps Mexico’s most important newspaper, wrote an interesting article, titled They Work For “Gossip”, highlighting the way blogs are changing the way people get their information, specifically entertainment news. They mention,, and a few other key players in this new wave of media – but, for us, the most important part […]

From Alejandro to Poncho

Rumor has it that Alfonso ‘Poncho’ Herrera of RBD and Ximena Diaz, Alejandro Fernandez‘s ex, are dating. This twosome is taking their relationship offscreen and witnesses have seen them canoodling and getting cozy together. Ximena went from beefy and very well experienced Alejandro to the youthful stamina and agility of Poncho. We’ll have to wait […]

Chayanne Locura in Argentina

Chayanne fans in Buenos Aires screamed, cried, and even fainted at the sight of the singer at an in-store signing in Buenos Aires. You can tell that he loves the attention, but, more importantly, that he loves his fans. The situation with the crowd was too dangerous for one fan who held a sign that […]