January Latin Gossip Archives

Ricky Loves Mexico

In a recent interview, Ricky Martin shared that he loves Mexico. He said: “The reality is that Mexico is in my bones…In the beginning of my career, after looking everywhere, Mexico was the country that gave me the opportunity to do theatre, to do a novela, to record my first album (as a solo artist)?. […]

What is This?

Can you guess what this is? The answer after the jump.

Eva Without Makeup

Ay Dios! Without makeup on, Eva Longoria looks like a twelve-year-old boy. Disclaimer – We apologize to all twelve-year-old boys out there, but we’re so right.

Got Beer, Christina?

You gotta love a girl who can hang and drink a beer. Christina Aguilera shows love to her man, her dogs, and her cerveza while taking a day off from all of the hoopla to just chill. [Images: The Grosby Group. Unauthorized use of these images is strictly prohibited.]

More From Our Boys

So we gave you a taste of Voltio behind the scenes, but you know we have more for you here on Latin Gossip. Check out additional pics of Voltio and the gang, and by gang we mean Don Dinero, DJ Camilo, DJ L Boogs, and our buddy Zion, not these video skankies, and by skankies […]