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Burning Hot Univision Gossip

We’ve got some HOT Univision gossip coming up very soon…stay tuned!

Barbara Off the Market Soon

Gentlemen, we hate to be the ones to break this to you, but Barbara Bermudo is set to get married this summer or fall. She will marry Mario Andres Moreno, who you may also recognize from the Univison news staff. A picture of the soon to be husband and wife after the jump.

Candy and Drinks for Christina

Christina Aguilera gives us a sneak peek at her new video Candyman. She seems to be sticking to the vintage retro era, and we love it. is she drinking a milkshake or is it laced with something else? We know she likes to paaaaarty!

Quotes : Reik

“We want to win, obviously, but if not we’ll keep on working hard.? How modest! The members of Reik talk about their Premio Lo Nuestro award nomination. They are up against La 5a Estación, RBD, and Sin Bandera. We hope Reik wins! Who do you think will win?

Pretty Eva, Ugly Nic

Lovely Eva Mendes posed with not-so-lovely Nicolas Cage for a picture to promote their film, Ghost Rider. As usual, Eva looks beautiful while Nic does his best Michael Jackson impression. [Images: The Grosby Group. Unauthorized use of these images is strictly prohibited.]