December Latin Gossip Archives

Feliz Año Nuevo!

2006 was an incredible year for Latin Gossip. We reached all of our goals and have set even higher ones for next year. 2006 will always be special for us since this was the year that we launched, but we know that 2007 will be an even bigger year for us! Gracias to all of […]

Latin Quickies

Since his Ex, Niurka Marcos, is posing for Playboy, Bobby Larios will show his stuff in a calendar he is releasing in February 2007. Apparently, his nude body will be painted as he poses foolishly seductively on the beach. Yeah, that’s a good way of getting revenge. Sure. Jorge Drexler is releasing his new album […]

Quotes : Eva Mendes

“I´m in this business for the work. I love being an actress. I love learning and challenging myself every day. I didn´t do this to get the VIP treatment at a great party.” Eva Mendes tells Latina magazine on why she keeps things under wraps and isn’t partying every night.

Queen Eva

Eva Longoria was treated like a queen when she kicked off the annual sale at Harrods in London. She showed up in a green carriage pulled by two black horses. [Image: The Grosby Group. Unauthorized use of this image is strictly prohibited.]

Angelica Just Like America

We already know that America Ferrera was taking her role as Ugly Betty too seriously, but it seems that Angelica Vale is doing the same thing. Angelica plays the ugly duckling in Mexico’s version of the show titled La Fea Mas Bella.