November Latin Gossip Archives

He May Hate Jews, But He Loves Mexicans

ā€œThe Mexican people treated me very well, I am very grateful to all of them.ā€? Mel Gibson on filming Apocalypto in Mexico.

Luismi Is Making Christmas Better

We’ve already talked about Luis Miguel‘s Christmas album, but we must mention it again because now it means much more than ever. Starting from this point on, every purchase of his Christmas album made in Mexico with a credit card, will support Fundacion Quiera which helps homeless children. This is what we like to hear. […]

Christina’s Wild Night

Christina Aguilera still knows how to have good ol’ wild time. Here we see her being carried out of a nightclub, too drunk to walk or even look at the cameras. That hangover must have hurt.

Que Feo Lupita!

Lupita D’Alessio says that Raul Velasco was like a father to her, yet she didn’t go to his funeral because she was moving. That is NO excuse! You could have postponed your move day. You suck.

Laura in Spain

Nobody knew where crazy Laura Bozzo was going next. We’re pleased to say that her new show will air in Spain through Telecinco in January. Get ready Spain because you’re about to be rocked!