November Latin Gossip Archives

Smells Like Bisbal

We told you this months ago and it is finally here. David Bisbal introduced his new fragrance to the world. Pura Esencia (Pure Essence) was launched just in time for the holidays in Madrid and will soon hit store shelves worldwide to ensure that all men have the pure essence of this Spanish cantante.

It’s Not Santa – It’s Fonsi

Luis Fonsi kicks off the holidays with a photo shoot for Univision. Does he seem like he is bulking up in muscle?

Christina is so Waxy

Christina Aguilera has been waxed at Madame Tussaud’s in London. It’s a good thing they decided to portray her good girl image instead of her bad one; otherwise they’d need to make it out of tar.

Eva and Tony Engaged

Perez Hilton has just confirmed that Eva Longoria and Tony Parker got engaged last night. Congrats you love struck cats!

Family Drama Brings Pain

With all of the drama that is taking place amongst her granddaughters, Eva Mange‘s health is not doing too well. Very sad indeed that the people who are supposed to give you life are bringing you down instead.