September Latin Gossip Archives

Shakira To Help Ex-Gang Members

UNICEF has invited Shakira to participate in several activities in El Salvador, taking full advantage that she will be in town anyways for a scheduled concert appearance on November 5th. The activities will be based around talking to and inspiring ex-gang members, something that she also plans to do in Guatemala and Nicaragua. Do you […]

Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony in Puerto Rico

After a press conference in Puerto Rico, in which she and husband Marc Anthony plugged their current and future projects, Jennifer Lopez talked to El Nuevo Dia about criticism, creativity, and creating a Spanish album. Here is what she said: “Criticism can affect you if you allow it. When you are in this industry for […]

Salma Hayek’s Cameo on Ugly Betty

You heard it months ago on Latin Gossip, and Thursday night we were finally able to see Salma Hayek‘s role on Ugly Betty. Salma plays a stereotypical actress in a stereotypical novela that is stereotypically playing, constantly, at Betty’s home. The overacting and cheesiness is, sadly, not far off from the real thing. In fact, […]

Holy Blog – Carlos Calderon Too?

Univision host Carlos Calderon has his own blog. The good news – Carlos is one of the wittiest, most creative, and quick-on-his-feet personalities that Univision has had in many years. The bad news – the blog is filed under, which means he probably has to have at least seventeen suits’ approval before posting content, […]

A Sin Bandera and Victor Manuelle Sandwich

Victor Manuelle has teamed up with Sin Bandera for his new single, Maldita Suerte. The song is much more Sin Bandera-like that anything else, not even remotely sounding like his music. It is sappy, slow, and sappy. Check it out for yourself. Let them know what you think of it right here on Latin Gossip. […]