July Latin Gossip Archives

Eva Longoria Supports Immigrants

La Housewife Desesperada, Eva Longoria, is backing up the immigrant protest in The United States with very strong statements about the Latin community, history of immigrants, and the intentions of Latinos in the US. She says, “It happened before in the Thirties where we had a huge deportation of Mexicans due to a racist policy, […]

Latin Quickies

Eva Longoria reveals to Playboy Magazine that she is not engaged to Tony Parker and most definitely not pregnant. This was basically the only thing she revealed to Playboy because this Texican did not pose nude for the mag. Both Niurka Marcos and Gloria Trevi had their lips plumped in the past few weeks. Congratulations […]

Miss Universe Claims She Eats

Zuleyka Rivera Mendoza, the fifth Miss Universe from Puerto Rico, wants to make it very clear that she didn’t faint from not eating. In fact, she claims that she has a nutritionist who tells her to eat six times a day. “What happened was that it was hard to breathe and the dress was very […]

Adamari Lopez is Planning Her Comeback

Latin America’s sweetheart, Adamari Lopez, announced that she is looking through scripts for novelas and selecting one to act in. She is getting ready to return to the small screen after a year and a half of keeping out of the limelight as she was battling cancer. “I am awaiting an interesting project (on Televisa), […]

Eva Longoria Doesn’t Want to Bathe Anymore

La Latina Desperate Housewife wants to clean up her image on the show without taking so many baths. Eva Longoria has asked producers to limit the number of scenes where she is dressed in lingerie and in the bath. She says, “I actually had to go to the director and go, ‘Can you please stop […]