July Latin Gossip Archives

Fidel Castro Hands Over Power to His Brother

I usually leave politics and international affairs to mi amigas at Vivir Latino, but this is way too historical not to discuss here on Latin Gossip. Fidel Castro has just handed over power to his brother, Raul, while he gets medical attention. Castro will undergo intestinal surgery and his brother will serve as President of […]

Jorge Salinas in Motorcycle Accident

Actor Jorge Salinas is not having a good year at all. He got caught cheating twice and even got one of his flings pregnant, leaving him publicly humiliated for his actions. Now the actor is in the hospital after a motorcycle accident. Jorge was riding his motorcycle in Mexico on his way to Acapulco and […]

Latinos Nominated for MTV Video Music Awards

The MTV Video Music Awards nominations were announced today and several of our favorite Latin artists are are on the list. Tied with The Red Hot Chili Peppers for the most nominations, Shakira leads the Latin pack with seven nominations. Christina Aguilera has four nods while Nelly Furtado and Daddy Yankee are also up for […]

Role Custom Made for Eva Mendes

Director Mark Steven Johnson was so interested in working with Eva Mendes that he “custom-made” a role for her in the much anticipated film Ghost Rider starring Nicolas Cage. Eva, Nic, and Mark were all at Comic Con to promote the film and Eva had this to say about her role. “I play Roxanne Simpson…Roxanne […]

Latin Quickies

Niurka Marcos will not pose nude for Playboy magazine. Niurka wanted to be paid upfront but the magazine wanted to pay her a percentage of every magazine sold. We’ll have to wait until she runs out of money before she takes this offer, which should be in about two months. According to People en Español, […]