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Yawn! Niurka and Bobby Split

Niurka and Bobby Larios have split. That is all I have to say about these two. I do not want to give them more publicity, but felt that I have the responsibility of letting you know that they have seperated. I hope this is the last we hear of these two.

Jennifer Lopez snubs People

After being chosen for the cover and the most beautiful on the list of “Los 50 Mas Bellos”, you would think that Jennifer would have showed up to the People en EspaƱol party celebrating their biggest issue of the year. Many showed up, but not Jennifer. Even Enrique Iglesias showed up, and he isn’t even […]

Skip the Lecture, Just Sign

Autograph seekers are not too fond of Cameron Diaz. Apparently, Ms. Diaz will lecture you before she gives you an autograph. What does she lecture about? She makes sure that she gets her point across that autographs are stupid and they make no sense. While I somewhat agree with this, I think we need to […]

Eva Likes to be on Top

Ā Eva Longoria topped Maxim Magazine’s Hot 100 List again this year. It is nice to see a Latina on top. In fact, the top 10 was made up of 40% Latinas. Jessica Alba (No. 2), Cameron Diaz (No. 7), and Christina Milian (No. 10) represented well. I love these girls. I really do. I […]

Imanol’s Father Shut Out From Competing

On Reyes de la Pista, Imanol disclosed that his asthma has turned into hypoglycemia and could become chronic if not treated properly. This prevented him from participating in last night’s live show. He asked his fellow companions as well as the judges if his father could help replace him instead. They said no. NO??!! NO??!! […]