May Latin Gossip Archives

Tiziano Banned in Mexico

Because of the comments he made about Mexican women having moustaches, Tiziano Ferro is being banned in Mexico. Local governments have told Tiziano and his record label that he is no longer invited to perform in that country. In addition to this, stores are pulling all of Tiziano’s albums off the shelves and not supporting […]

Michelle Rodriguez Serves Only a Few Hours in Jail

Ā Michelle Rodriguez was supposed to serve 60 days in jail aftering violating parole when she was arrested for driving under the influence a few months ago. She only served a few hours and was released because the jail was too overcrowded. I think they saw Michelle having way too much fun in her cell […]

Tiziano Disses Mexican Women

Italian pop singer Tiziano Ferro made several controversial comments against Mexican women during an interview on Italian television. Tiziano said that he is not interested in Mexican girls because they all have moustaches. Apparently, the host of the show warned him, saying that he should be careful with his words. Tiziano then said, “they know […]

Richard Perez-Feria is Glaad

People en EspaƱol Editor Richard Perez-Feria was honored with the GLAAD Media award last night in Miami Beach. Gloria Estefan introduced him and presented him with the award and Richard gave a surprisingly nice speech about tolerance versus respect that earned him a standing ovation. Others present that evening were Charityn, Eduardo Xol, and Cachita. […]

Michelle Rodriguez To Leave the US

Lost‘s Michelle Rodriguez vowed to leave the US, citing that she will leave to Paris and never return. Of course she is going to have to wait until after she serves an additional 60 days behind bars for violating the law. as you may remember Michelle was arrested for driving under the influence several months […]